SouthEnd Dentistry – Part of the Charlotte Community since 2009

Dr. Bradford Picot opened SouthEnd Dentistry in September 2009 with a clear picture of what he wanted his practice to be. What he envisioned was a friendly, neighborhood dentist’s office with friendly staff, fast service, and noninvasive care. Today, Dr. Picot has created his vision. At SouthEnd, Dr. Picot practices comprehensive dental care on his patients.

He always strives to provide excellent dental solutions while also minimizing the time his patients spend in the dentist’s office. Dr. Picot and his staff design treatment plans to solve their patients’ dental problems while making it seem like no work has been done at all.

Also according to Dr. Picot’s vision, SouthEnd Dentistry utilizes the newest technology in their treatment plans whenever they can. Through Dr. Picot’s ongoing extensive research, his practice provides patients with the best dental options through the most advanced technology on the market.

The staff of SouthEnd spends many hours developing and reworking patient plans to arrive at a treatment that offers each patient the most positive outcome while eliminating any unnecessary work or risk. Efficiency in treatment is what Dr. Picot and his staff strive for. They want their work to help the patient and last.

SouthEnd Dentistry is a community fixture in Charlotte after only a short time on the block. Dr. Picot and his staff members make it a point of emphasis to reach out to the community whenever they can so that the neighborhood knows where the best dentist’s office in Charlotte is and why it’s the best.



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