SouthEnd Dentistry – Serving Charlotte Since 2009

SouthEnd Dentistry first opened in Charlotte in 2009. Dr. Bradford Picot, then a young dentist fresh from his General Practice Residency in Columbia, South Carolina, started the practice to cater to the community near where he went to undergraduate school and studied dental surgery, the University of North Carolina. Dr. Picot came to North Carolina from Shaker Heights, Ohio.

He studied Business Administration at UNC, and later Dental Surgery. When he started his own practice, he knew he wanted to start an office that would help people get over their aversion to visiting the dentist. Despite the vital role that dental hygiene has in everyone’s overall health, many people avoid the dentist’s office until their tooth hurts too bad to ignore. Adults act like children when it comes to visiting the dentist. They don’t want to go.


SouthEnd Dentistry was designed to be a welcoming, relaxed place that people want to go to. The staff is friendly and eager to help all patients with all of their dental problems, no matter how difficult they may be. While other dentist’s offices project an aura of sterilized bureaucracy, the staff at SouthEnd, headed by Dr. Picot, tries to assuage their patients’ fears by providing friendly, comprehensive service to everyone who walks in.

The team at SouthEnd Dentistry pours over each and every treatment plan for all of their patients for hours to determine the best course of action for all dental health issues. This process also involves the patient in the decision-making process, adding to the sense of control and relaxation that all patients have when they deal with SouthEnd.



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