SouthEnd Dentistry – Experience Counts

SouthEnd Dentistry founder Dr. Bradford Picot has developed his own way of helping patients smile over many years of owning a dental practice and continuing education. Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, Dr. Picot came to North Carolina to study Business Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Picot went on to study for a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, which he earned at UNC. After spending a year for his general practice residency in Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Picot moved back to North Carolina and settled in the historic south end of Charlotte. There, in 2009, he opened SouthEnd Dentistry.

Dr. Picot was voted the Top Dentist in Charlotte four years in a row by the local media. He and his staff are known in the area as fun, engaging, and communicative by their patients. They bring their patients in on every decision and keep them in the loop when they develop their treatment plans.

More patients are getting to know Dr. Picot and his staff because of the way they keep their patients informed and happy. SouthEnd Dentistry makes a point to preserve as much tooth structure when Dr. Picot performed cosmetic operations, so as to keep as much of a patient’s smile intact as possible.

When a tooth is not badly infected, for example, instead of attempting to replace the entire tooth, Dr. Picot and his staff look for alternatives that will leave the patient both comfortable and safe from further damage.

Visit for more information about SouthEnd Dentistry & Dr. Bradford Picot.



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