Characteristics of Ideal Dentist Practice: SouthEnd Dentistry

The fear and anxiety of dental patients are directly affected by their relationship with the dentist.   Patients are better able to tolerate treatment with information, such as the length of time of the procedure, an able dentist who listens to patients’ questions and concerns, and are more at ease when they feel they have some control.

Dental professionals today can establish an online presence on websites and in concerned chat arenas, where potential patients can become familiar with the professionals in the offices, their interests and specialties, and the types of procedures utilized to assist patients with comfort levels.

Dr. Bradford Picot actually helped design the physical plant of his offices at SouthEnd with the comfort and ease of patients in mind.  The surroundings of the patient add to the comfort of the patient.  Massaging dental chairs, framed artwork, soothing music, juice bars and internet access, certainly make the office more inviting and even, distracting.


Eliminating medicinal smells which can be associated with fear has also been helpful, as does the tactic of office professionals dressing in office attire, not stark white coats.

Ultimately, though, the patient will have the most positive reaction to a dentist who is genuinely interested in thoughts and reactions.  Empathy and understanding leads to connection, and when a patient feels known and cared about by the dentist from SouthEnd Dentistry, muscles relax, smiles are more frequent, and trust is easier to attain.


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