Dr. Picot’s SouthEnd Dentistry to Volunteer at Charlotte’s 36-Hour Free Dental Clinic

SouthEnd Dentistry sent Dr. Bradford Picot, the originator and lead dental specialist, to North Carolina Missions of Mercy’s free, 36-hour dental facility in uptown Charlotte. There, Dr. Picot worked with several different dental specialists, alongside volunteers, hygienists, and other faculty to give fundamental dental consideration to a huge number of individuals without dental protection or access to dental consideration.

Over the 36 hour period, the gathering of dental specialists with NCMM gave more than one million dollars in free care to the Charlotte group. Lines moved down out of the Charlotte Convention Center hours before the facility opened.

Dr. Picot of SouthEnd Dentistry, situated in the Southern Charlotte, said the occasion was an “invitation to take action,” and recognized that there can be “budgetary boundaries” to individuals getting the dental consideration they require.

With a large number of individuals in the state with no dental protection still, this occasion was a blessing for some as they spilled into the purported “pop-up facility” set up and oversaw by North Carolina Missions of Mercy. Numerous individuals who went to the center said they didn’t have anyplace else to turn for their dental issues. This venture gave those with squeezing dental needs a spot to discover the help they were searching for.

Visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southend-dentistry-represented-by-founder-dr-bradford-picot-volunteers-at-charlottes-36-hour-free-dental-clinic-300074445.html for complete news.


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