Orthodontia as a Specialty: SouthEnd Dentistry

Orthodontia is a specialty in dentistry which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and/or jaws.  The history of orthodontics has been intimately linked with the history of dentistry for more than 2000 years.  Mummies have been discovered with metal bands wrapped around teeth.

Malocclusion is the abnormal alignment of the teeth, affecting the way the upper and lower teeth align.  It is believed that 30% of the population may have such serious malocclusion that they would enfit from the application of professional orthodontics.


Malocclusion may be about tooth misalignment, or may extend to the needed adjustment of facial bones and alignment.  Invisalign or other aligner trays are available to help align teeth, and functional appliances may be used to re align jaw formation, as well as retainers.

The process of certification for orthodontia is extensive and overseen by the American Board of Orthodontics, and dental professionals are meticulous in their training for this highly specialized area of dental medicine.

Whether it is the readjustment of the bite, or the re-alignment of the jaw and facial bones, licensed and trained professionals realize how important this dentition issue is to their patients, and are qualified to oversee complete examination and evaluation, as well as to diagnose and treat, issues related to orthodontia and orthodontics.

Dr. Bradford Picot of SouthEnd Dentistry holds his doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of North Carolina, and is fully trained in this important dental specialty.


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