SouthEnd Dentistry: Committed to Community Health

SouthEnd Dentistry was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bradford Picot, who at age 28, was one of the youngest dentists in the area. He quickly stepped into the community not only to raise awareness of his new practice but also to help people in the community learn about proper oral health.

To this day, Dr. Picot and his staff volunteer not only in their immediately surrounding community but also at free dental clinics across the state. One of their many allies is the North Carolina Missions of Mercy, which sets up portable free clinics around the state, offering dentists and other dental professionals to practice their art on patients needing free dental care.


Throughout the history of SouthEnd Dentistry, the staff has always worked with the community on improving the overall health of everyone. Dr. Picot considers community service a vital part of his business and building connections in the community that can help him and his staff solve more dental problems for more people.

As the client list of SouthEnd continues to grow, more people have come into the office having seen many of SouthEnd’s staff in their community helping people take better care of their teeth. Dr. Picot hopes this continues.

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