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Learn Importance/Benefits of Teeth Whitening with SouthEnd Dentistry

Taking care of your smile is a large priority for many people. Smokers and coffee drinkers have the most to worry about. Years of drinking coffee or smoking can cause stains on your teeth that may cost you to remove. Professional teeth whitening is usually the most cost-effective way to improve the color of your teeth and remove stains.

Dentists, who are specifically trained to administer teeth whitening agents to your teeth, have the most experience in this area and can help you be aware of possible risks to your teeth. Over the counter methods have instruction packets, but in the end, you’re the one administering the treatment. Sometimes, stained teeth are the result of deeper issues with your teeth, which your dentist can help you look for and correct.

Going to a dentist’s office to correct your tooth discoloration is usually more cost-effective because their work typically lasts longer than at-home treatments. You only need a few professional whitening sessions to keep your teeth white, while you may need long on-going at-home treatments to keep your smile bright and shining.

SouthEnd Dentistry is one of the best places to get your teeth whitened in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The staff at SouthEnd always tries to find solutions for all of their patients’ issues that are the least invasive, least expensive, and least difficult to apply.

Their professional whitening services preserve tooth structure and keep gums and tooth roots healthy while improving your smile. SouthEnd was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bradford Picot.


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Benefits of Porcelain Veneers: SouthEnd Dentistry

Teeth that are stained, shaped or crooked can be improved relatively easily and painlessly with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers have become more popular in recent years because of their ability to quickly cover and repair common teeth issues.

These veneers are thin enough to fit over the front surface of the tooth to change its color and shape. Veneers are perfect for teeth that have uneven surfaces or have been chipped or are unevenly spaced or crooked. They are an excellent alternative to traditional dental solutions to these problems such as teeth whitening and orthodontics. There is no anesthesia needed for veneer installation, and once they are in place, they are naturally resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea, and cigarettes.

A great feature of porcelain veneers is that they preserve the tooth structure of the patient while solving common problems that many patients have, especially with their front teeth. Porcelain veneers and similar dental solutions are part of the growing conservative dentistry movement in the industry, which favors simpler techniques to solve some of the most common dental problems patients seek help with. Conservative dentistry seeks to preserve as much tooth structure as possible to ensure that any surgical work stays intact.

At SouthEnd Dentistry, Dr. Bradford Picot and his team of experienced dentists and dental assistants practice their own brand of conservative dentistry that seeks to help patients develop the best dental plan for them. Their methods lead to longer-lasting dental work, and happier patients overall. SouthEnd is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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SouthEnd Dentistry: Finding Solutions Together

Dr. Bradford Picot, at SouthEnd Dentistry, listens to all of his patients, and even invites their input into their treatment plans. Dr. Picot and his team at SouthEnd tailor their treatment plans precisely to their patients’ needs. He and his staff try to save as much tooth structure as possible, seeking to create solutions that will last and won’t require rework.


Dr. Picot believes that taking a conservative approach to dental surgery often solves problems in the future before they crop up again. Instead of taking out a section of tooth for a filling, for example, Dr. Picot and his team will use the CEREC machine, porcelain filling manufacturing device that designs and crafts porcelain fillings specifically designed for each patient’s mouth.

Dr. Picot and his team have been working for years developing their treatment plans for all of their patients. They always seek to cause the least amount of overwork and pain.


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SouthEnd Dentistry: Committed to Community Health

SouthEnd Dentistry was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bradford Picot, who at age 28, was one of the youngest dentists in the area. He quickly stepped into the community not only to raise awareness of his new practice but also to help people in the community learn about proper oral health.

To this day, Dr. Picot and his staff volunteer not only in their immediately surrounding community but also at free dental clinics across the state. One of their many allies is the North Carolina Missions of Mercy, which sets up portable free clinics around the state, offering dentists and other dental professionals to practice their art on patients needing free dental care.


Throughout the history of SouthEnd Dentistry, the staff has always worked with the community on improving the overall health of everyone. Dr. Picot considers community service a vital part of his business and building connections in the community that can help him and his staff solve more dental problems for more people.

As the client list of SouthEnd continues to grow, more people have come into the office having seen many of SouthEnd’s staff in their community helping people take better care of their teeth. Dr. Picot hopes this continues.

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Protect Your Teeth: A Dentist’s Guide by SouthEnd Dentistry

Protecting your teeth is extremely important, not only because your dentist will wag his or her finger at you if you don’t, but you can also prevent many kinds of disease by simply brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

Plaque buildup will not only rot your teeth and compromise tooth structure, but it can also fall back into your throat and enter your system, causing everything from heart disease to infection. Your mouth can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause all kinds of diseases.

Flossing is especially important to preventing these kinds of bacterial buildups because it removes plaque buildups from some of the most likely areas where bacteria flourish.

Protecting your teeth requires constant attention. The best way to consistently clean your teeth is to keep to a regular schedule. Flossing regularly is less onerous if you think of it as necessary as brushing your teeth.

You wouldn’t go to work without freshening your mouth by brushing every day; why forgo flossing as well? Make flossing and brushing a regular part of your morning and evening routine, and you will have to visit the dentist less frequently.

SouthEnd Dentistry is a Charlotte, North Carolina dentist’s office founded by Dr. Bradford Picot, who is committed to helping all of his patients with the least invasive treatments possible.


Dr. Picot tries to preserve as much tooth structure as possible when performing dental surgeries and restructuring. This practice allows patients to save on dental bills and make their visits to the dentist more effective.

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SouthEnd Industry Now Offers Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC is a new dental instrument that is changing how dentists operate on their patients. CEREC makes it much easier for dentists to solve all of their patients’ dental issues, especially cosmetic issues.

CEREC allows dentists to restore damaged teeth for patients in a single appointment with long-lasting, high-quality ceramic material that naturally matches the color of patients’ teeth. CEREC was originally introduced twenty years ago and has been successfully used over eight million times worldwide to restore tooth decay and discoloration.


The CEREC is unique because it incorporates all Computer Aided Design technology, sensing equipment, and a milling machine all in one instrument. The computer image is transferred to the milling equipment automatically so that a mold of the patient’s teeth is copied exactly. All the dentist has to do is attach the new mold to the old teeth and send you on your way.

The entire process only takes about an hour using a CEREC. The CEREC can be used for tooth restoration procedures like fillings. These fillings blend in with the color of the patient’s teeth, marking the end of silver fillings that show when you smile. Decades of research and planning have proven the CEREC accurate, safe, and effective.

SouthEnd Dentistry uses a CEREC for fillings and other tooth restoration services. Many patients have left Dr. Bradford Picot’s office happy after the CEREC has accurately filled their cavities. Dr. Picot invested in the CEREC machine to give his patients the best treatment with the least invasiveness.


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SouthEnd Dentistry: Veneer Installation Procedure

Veneers are a great alternative to invasive dental surgery and ongoing treatments to solve issues such as stained teeth, chipped teeth, and crooked teeth. While orthodontics is usually needed to solve severely crooked teeth, many of these issues can be solved with the relatively simple installation procedure of veneers.

Veneers are usually made of porcelain, which is resistant to stains and can add structural integrity to teeth in the process. Usually, dentists put veneers in patients in a three step process:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning: The dentist examines your teeth and determines what the best plan of action will be for your particular issue.
  • Preparation. The dentist will lightly buff your teeth to prepare for the added thickness of the veneers and to ensure that they will adhere to your teeth. In most preparation procedures for veneers, about a half of a millimeter is removed from the tooth, and a local anesthetic is used. Usually, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and send it away to have the veneers made exactly to fit your teeth.
  • Bonding. Once your teeth are ready for the veneers, the dentist uses a kind of cement to bind the veneer to your teeth. Usually, the dentist will test different colors of cement to make sure that it will match the color of your teeth.

SouthEnd Dentistry performs many veneer installation procedures for many residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. The dentistry team at SouthEnd always tries to find the best, low cost, least invasive option to solve dental issues.


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